Business coaching for entrepreneurs and startups who are ready to change the world

There’s a revolution coming

From all corners of the earth, powerful new businesses are emerging that are changing the definition of what it means to be successful.

Profit alone is no longer enough.

These businesses are fuelled by purpose and they’re on a mission to positively change the world.

If you’re one of these businesses, then you’re in the right place.

There’s a revolution coming

From all corners of the earth, powerful new businesses are emerging that are changing the definition of what it means to be successful.

Profit alone is no longer enough.

These businesses are fuelled by purpose and they’re out to positively change the world.


They’re led by courageous, visionary people who see that the challenges we face today are too big to be solved by governments alone.

And they’re winning. But they want to do more.

They want to have a bigger impact. They want to be a greater force for good.


So they set seemingly impossible, world-changing goals.

And then they look for support.

Because they know that to achieve the seemingly impossible, they need someone to help them start living in a whole new world of possibility.

Let’s change the world

I’m a coach for entrepreneurs and startups who are on a mission to make the world a better place.

I’m also a coach for people who have dreams of starting their own business and want to make them a reality.

I combine my skills and experience in coaching, NLP, business, leadership and strategy to help you create a thriving business that does good and feels good.


My approach is straightforward yet powerful.

In a highly supportive and safe environment we work together on:

Vision + Mindset + Business Analysis + Strategy + Action

And the results are nothing short of transformational.

Recruiting NOW for The Change Stirrers’ Club

A New Winchester based club on a mission to bring transformational and affordable business coaching to businesses who are on a mission to make a difference in the world.

We meet once a month, in Open House Deli where, over breakfast, we focus on different business topics such as strategy, work/life integration, attracting clients and leadership.

Through group coaching we learn the strategies, tools, and techniques needed to overcome the common challenges that hold businesses back.

If you’re looking to grow your mission-led business in an affordable, sustainable and enjoyable way, then this is for you.

Our first event is FREE and is happening on the 8th March.


We work together in three areas:

1. Self-work: We start by focussing on you. Your mindset is your most powerful tool for success. By changing how you look at the world and how much you believe in yourself, you will begin to see the world with fresh new eyes. You’ll see a world where anything is possible, where you can dream bigger, achieve more, have a bigger impact.

2. Business support: Together, we unleash the power of your purpose. We ensure complete clarity and focus on what your business exists to do, we set powerful goals that deliver your purpose, we align your business activities in service of that purpose and we help your leadership, culture & teamwork reflect that purpose.

3. Creating Action: We ensure that you keep moving forwards. I provide support, challenge and accountability throughout our time working together so that your breakthroughs in thinking translate into action and growth.

My clients:

Who: I work directly with entrepreneurs and their teams. I also work with ‘future entrepreneurs’; those who want to start exploring the idea of becoming an entrepreneur or start transitioning to being one.

Size: I work with teams of 1, up to small businesses with teams of circa 25 people

Business structure: I work with leaders of any business who puts (or wants to start putting) positive societal or environmental purpose at the heart of their business. This includes but is not limited to: sole traders, limited companies, CICs, social entrepreneurs, social enterprises, B corps, ethical businesses, co-operatives, impact entrepreneurs and changemakers.

Discover how you can thrive as a purpose-led business:

How it works:


Have a look at the different services I offer to see which best meets your needs.
1.Entrepreneurs   2.Startup founders   3.Starting a business   4.Workshops


Book an exploratory call with me here so we can discuss what you’re looking for and how I could help.


If we’re a good fit and you’re keen to know more, I’ll send over a proposal to you that lays out the tailored support I can offer.
You then read it, consider it, and let me know when you’re ready to start.

From those who have worked with me

  • I would recommend Katie in a heartbeat. She is approachable, patient and kind, and extremely respectful. She has helped me at a pivotal time in my life and really helped me secure a fabulous opportunity which provides me with huge scope, flexibility and reward.

    Helen S. Client Experience Manager
  • Katie was amazing. She has a real knack to personalise the coaching programme for the individual. I feel ready body and soul for 2020 thanks to her coaching. I would recommend Katie to anyone. You will never be dissapointed.

    Nisanka W. Entrepreneur
  • Katie is great at listening and can help you to gain a new perspective on the challenges that work and life throw at you. Allowing you to deal with them in the best way possible and focus on what matters most.

    Phil S. Managing Director
  • Working with Katie was brilliant!  Katie helps you to think big picture as well as challenging you on the details/steps to put in place to be able to achieve your goals. I would highly recommend investing in yourself through time with Katie!

    Juliet F. Sales Controller
  • After our coaching I felt lighter, brighter, braver, and bolder. I had great perspective on my strengths, my self-belief and confidence were fully fuelled leaving me feeling ready for anything. I felt realistic about what is possible and why, empowered to be in control of myself and not let the impact of others control me. Massive thank you, the session reminded me of what I am capable of and what else is possible!

    Claire T. Sales leader
  • Katie is very natural, friendly and supportive and I would recommend her to anyone looking to achieve their goals. She added significant value through listening, drawing synergies and helping me unscramble my busy mind. I will definitely consider further coaching in the future.

    Sabrina M. Logistics Manager
  • I have really enjoyed being coached by Katie. I would not hesitate to recommend her as a coach.

    Rachel B. Entrepreneur
  • Katie was brilliant at helping me understand what is really important to me as I make decisions about the future. She's very perceptive, picking up on immediate issues and helping me to process them, but also helping me think about how I approach bigger decisions in the future.

    James P. Research Fellow
  • Katie’s coaching has been really useful to me, her coaching style is relaxed and natural. She has motivated me to achieve a couple of major goals and I am feeling motivated and positive for the future.

    Sara M. Entrepreneur
  • Katie helped me learn how important my values are to me when it comes to work and my personal life. I’m more focused on what I do want rather than on the negatives. I'm now less stressed.

    Flora A. Senior Associate Consultant

who I am

Hello! I’m Katie Newman.

I’m an entrepreneur and the founder and director of my own mission-led company

A certified Coach, NLP Practitioner and a DiSC Personality Profiling administrator

I’m a professionally trained marketing and sales leader

I have experience working for several mission-led companies, both large, multinationals & British start ups

I’m a graduate of the Mars Leadership Development Programme

I’m alumni of The Marketing Society’s ‘Ones to Watch’ Programme

My degree is in Economics and Business

I live in Winchester with my husband Tim

I cycle, make pottery, love walking and being outside

My secret talent is hula-hooping

I’m a cook at the local night shelter and a volunteer baker at the National Trust


I believe that every person in the world is here for a purpose and that life is not to be frittered away

I’m a passionate advocate of business being used to make the world a better place

Katie Newman Coaching Ltd.

Purpose and Mission

The purpose of Katie Newman Coaching Ltd. is to positively change the world through the power of entrepreneurship.

My mission is to help people turn their crazy-big, inspiring, world-changing dreams into thriving businesses which make the world a better place.

If you are running a business designed to bring about positive societal or environmental change, then let’s chat.

Ready to start making your difference?

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How I work

I work with businesses at different stages of their journeys- whether they are already growing and want to take things to the next level, or whether they don’t yet exist and are currently still an idea.

I create a bespoke program for each business that gives them the tailored support they need.


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