20 industry tricks that will help you & your business prosper in 2020

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So we’re now TEN days into 2020.


Has anybody else already broken their resolution??

Mine was to keep up exercising 3days per week and eating healthy (MASSIVE cliché I know!), but as Jan rolled around and my ‘cold’ persisted, I decided I needed a more relaxed start to the year.

Yesterday I gave myself a talking to and got back to my body combat class which I LOVE. I had a great time and felt so good about myself that I then celebrated by eating a MASSIVE fish pie for tea including bacon bits, cheese and a lot of butter.

So much for part 2 of my resolution…

If anybody else is in the same boat and is tired of ‘failing’, I have a new suggestion for us. . .

DITCH the resolutions, FORGET the self imposed restrictions and instead:


HAVE FUN trying out these 20 TOP TRICKS that I’ve pulled together designed to help you and your business have a prosperous and successful 2020.

I’ll be posting at least one every week so check back in to discover these INDUSTRY SECRET ‘tricks’ that will help you journey through life in a completely different way.

If you’re running a business or considering setting one up then take note: A business will only ever be as effective as its leader!

So by trying out these tricks and adopting the 2 or 3 that appeal to you, you will see your business grow as you grow.

Have fun!

Katie N.


The 20 top tricks

#1 Start counting chimney pots

#2 Relax your tongue

#3 Stop telling people they’re wrong

#4 Celebrate the nos

#5 Follow Cedric’s advice

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