The Change Stirrers’ Club

Open House Deli, Winchester and I are SO excited to invite YOU… changemakers in business… to join our new CLUB.   The Change Stirrers’ Club is for [...]

Trick #1: Start counting chimney pots

So as promised here is #1 of my 20 industry secret tricks that will help you & your business prosper in 2020 Trick #1: Start counting chimney pots. Err what now?? Yep. That’s correct. Start [...]

Trick #2: Relax your tongue

I know, weird. Again. But trust me, this is a gamechanger. Ever have that annoying inner voice kick in just when you don’t want it to? Eg just before a big important meeting? Mine goes a bit like [...]

Trick #4: Celebrate the no’s

I’m currently playing a game. It’s very simple, and if you play, you & your business will never be the same again, but to play you’ve got to have courage. The game is to get REJECTED 20 [...]

Trick #5: Follow Cedric’s Advice

In the immortal words of Cedric Diggory “Take a bath… and take the egg with you”. Why is it we always have our best ideas on the loo? Or in the bath? Or driving? Or one of those other [...]


From employee to entrepreneur!

Great to be interviewed about my journey into entrepreneurship and what I learnt along the way.
Watch this video if you’d like to get to know me a bit better and to find out my story of how I started my own business.
(Jump to 1minute in to skip intro!)

With thanks to my legendary coaching buddy Mirel from AMD coaching for inviting me to take part.