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Strategy House

Strategy house If you’re taking this time to think about the longer term direction of your business, it might be good for you to revisit your strategy. Or if you’ve never made one, a [...]

What does a coach do?

Ever wondered what a coach actually does? And how they can help you? Below is my guide to the type of coaching I do. Sometimes I work with people on just one or two of these elements, sometimes I [...]

The Change Stirrers’ Club

Open House Deli, Winchester and I are SO excited to invite YOU… changemakers in business… to join our new CLUB.   The Change Stirrers’ Club is for [...]

Trick #1: Start counting chimney pots

So as promised here is #1 of my industry secret tricks that will help you & your business prosper in 2020 Trick #1: Start counting chimney pots. Err what now?? Yep. That’s correct. Start [...]

Trick #2: Relax your tongue

I know, weird. Again. But trust me, this is a gamechanger. Ever have that annoying inner voice kick in just when you don’t want it to? Eg just before a big important meeting? Mine goes a bit like [...]

Trick #4: Celebrate the no’s

I’m currently playing a game. It’s very simple, and if you play, you & your business will never be the same again, but to play you’ve got to have courage. The game is to get REJECTED 20 [...]

Trick #5: Follow Cedric’s Advice

In the immortal words of Cedric Diggory “Take a bath… and take the egg with you”. Why is it we always have our best ideas on the loo? Or in the bath? Or driving? Or one of those other [...]


From employee to entrepreneur!

Great to be interviewed about my journey into entrepreneurship and what I learnt along the way.
Watch this video if you’d like to get to know me a bit better and to find out my story of how I started my own business.
(Jump to 1minute in to skip intro!)

With thanks to my legendary coaching buddy Mirel from AMD coaching for inviting me to take part. 

Curious to explore working together?