Finding purpose in your business

What is ‘purpose’ in business?

Your business’s purpose is the reason your business exists. It is not just a mere message, but the very essence of its existence.

It gives your business meaning, it sets your direction, it guides how you think, act and make decisions.

Purpose-led businesses are committed to a higher cause than just profit.

They care about the total impact of their business and they intend to make the world a better place because they exist.

“I don’t just build purposeful businesses because it is the right thing to do- it is also the smart thing to do. Purpose gives our businesses a competitive edge. But more than that it gives us energy and motivation to continue pushing to make a positive difference in people’s lives. If you’re building a business without purpose, not only are you missing the point but you are most likely missing out on the journey, the excitement – and the profit- too.”

~Richard Branson, Founder the Virgin Group.

Why focus on purpose?

Firstly, because it is the right thing to do. We as business owners have a duty to care about our impact on the planet, our employees and our stakeholders.

Secondly, because the world needs us to. The challenges we face in the 21st century are too big to be tackled by governments and charities alone. We need businesses to step forwards and use their scale and influence to create positive change.

Thirdly, because being led by purpose makes good commercial sense. Businesses with purpose:

– Make smarter, more creative, more focussed decisions.

– Have more motivated and harder working workforces.

– Attract the best talent and retain staff longer.

– Form better connections with their consumers, attract higher consumer loyalty and sell more because of it.

– Have greater longevity, are more stable and withstand greater external forces.

Purpose and profit go hand in hand.

The more purpose led you are, the more profit you will make. The more profit you make, the more you will be able to live out your purpose.

“You have to come from a deeper sense of purpose. You have to be driven by something. Leadership is not just about giving energy; it’s unleashing other people’s energy, which comes from buying into that sense of purpose. The key thing for CEOs is to make that a part of your operating model.”

~Paul Polman, Unilever CEO (2009-19)

Bring more purpose into your business

I work with those who are only just starting to think about purpose and want to explore how they can incorporate it into their business…

…through to those who already know that they care about it and just want to clarify it and build on it.

Through powerful conversations, discussions and exercises, we work together to help you:

  1. Discover your businesses purpose
  2. Explore and clarify your purpose, alongside creating your vision and mission.
  3. Embed your purpose into your business including your decision making, leadership, objectives and culture.

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“Working with Katie was brilliant!  Katie helps you to think big picture as well as challenging you on the details/steps to put in place to be able to achieve your goals. I would highly recommend investing in yourself through time with Katie!”

~Juliet, Founder Rudy & Ray

“Change will not come if we wait for some other person, or if we wait for some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.”

~Barack Obama

“I would recommend Katie in a heartbeat. She is approachable, patient and kind, and extremely respectful. She has helped me at a pivotal time in my life and really helped me secure a fabulous opportunity which provides me with huge scope, flexibility and reward.”


~Helen, Head of Northern Star

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