Starting a business


WHy YOU ARE here

Good news. You’re in the right place.

Choosing to start your own business is one of the most empowering and fulfilling decisions you can make.

But taking that step can also feel a bit scary and sometimes not very straightforward.

Do you find that you have a great idea for a business but just can’t find the time to make it a reality?

Do you have too many ideas and find that you change your mind every other day?

Do you have a fantastic solution to one of the world’s problems but you’re just not sure how to make it into a financially sustainable business?

Are you afraid of what the impact will be on your life if you leave your regular job?

Are you confused about where to even begin with setting up a business?

Are you plagued with self-doubt and wonder if you have what it takes to make it as an entrepreneur?



If you’re here then you’re likely to be someone who has always felt that they want to make a difference in the world.

You look around you and you see that things could be better, you could improve things, you could create positive change.

You’ve got a business idea that is not only smart, but purposeful too.

An idea as to how you can make an income whilst making the world a better place.

An idea that ignites your passion and creates a fire in you.

And you’re wondering if the time is now to do something about it.


how I can help

If you are nodding along then it’s time to stop panicking.

I can help you.

Together we can:

Create clarity on what business you want to create and why

Develop a powerful business plan that delivers a sustainable, impactful and enjoyable business

Construct a compelling and inspiring pitch that helps you win business and investment.

Create a long term roadmap and short term action plan that brings your business into being

Plan for and support you as you transition to entrepreneurship

Create in you and your business a self belief so powerful that you can achieve anything you put your mind to

Sound like the kind of thing you’re after?

Then have a look below and see which service feels right for you.

Coaching services

I have four unique offerings designed to provide you with the tailored support that you need right now.

1. The Kick Start Session

1.The Kick Start Session

Ideal for: people who have one particular challenge relating to starting their business that they want to tackle- either a business challenge or a  mindset/behavioural challenge. This is a stand-alone intensive session where we deep dive into your particular challenge, unearth what is going on, work out how to overcome it for good, and then create an action plan for you to take away and implement.

It is a great low-commitment option for people who would like to experience coaching for the first time and understand how they can benefit from it.

How it works: This is a 3.5hour one on one session conducted face to face in London or Winchester. It includes a 60minute pre-call before we meet up, where we get really clear on what exactly we are trying to solve and what outcome we want to achieve.

2. The Accelerate Day

2.The Accelerate Day

Ideal for: people who want to take themselves out of all the busyness of life for one focussed block of time so they can work on their future business idea. This is a day for those who want to give their idea the injection of focus it needs so they can turn it into a business quicker. It’s a day of goal setting, strategy creation, problem solving and action planning.

How it works: This is a 7hour day spent working one-to-one, face-to-face, in London or Winchester. It includes a 90minute pre-call before we meet up, where we get really clear on what exactly we are want to focus on and a successful day would look like, and a 90minute follow up session three weeks later to provide accountability and further support.

3. The Shift Programme

3.The Shift Programme

Ideal for: those who are on the journey to setting up their own business and want ongoing support, accountability and focus as they work towards it. In this programme we will create complete clarity on your business idea, strategy and action plan, alongside overcoming challenges as and when they appear.

As part of this, we do a full business analysis to uncover the dominos that could cause blockages in your future business and then create a plan that topples them for good. We focus in on your mindset to fuel you up with self-belief and help you start looking at the world with fresh-new eyes, seeing a world where anything is possible. We help you to connect back in with why you wanted to start this business and what change you’re trying to create, so we can develop a strategy for your business which is fit for purpose.

How it works: This is a 3month programme where we speak for 60minutes every other week. It includes a 90minute pre-call before we start, where we get really clear on what you want to achieve and what support you need.

4. The Transform Programme

4.The Transform Programme

Ideal for: those of you who are ready to create a business which is quite extraordinary. Those of you who recognise the power of long-term commitment, support, focus and accountability and you are ready to create a powerful business because of it. We cover vision, goal setting, strategy, action pans, mindset, value, personal beliefs, DiSC Psychometric testing, business basics and problem solving.

If you are determined to create an influential and thriving business within the next year, one that will still be here in 5years time, then this is for you. I limit the number of businesses I run this programme with each year to ensure that those I’m supporting get the best of me, but in return I expect my clients to be as committed to their success as I am.

How it works: This is a 6month bespoke programme tailored to you and your needs. At a minimum we speak for 60minutes every other week, but it also involves strategy days, planning sessions and boosting 30minute check ins when you need them.