Who is coaching for?

Coaching is for people who feel ready to take control of their future and live up to their full potential. They are motivated to make positive changes so that they can be their best selves.

My coaching is specifically for purpose-led businesses, leaders and individuals. You know that you’re led my purpose when what you stand for becomes more important than what you sell.  Your purpose is the reason you get up in the morning and it drives you to do what you do.

How does coaching happen?

The length of a coaching session can vary from 30minutes up to a full day, depending on your needs. Coaching can either be conducted face-to-face, walking, over the phone or video call. Face-to-face and walking meetings can take place in either in and around Winchester or Central London.

They occur on a frequency that feels appropriate for you– either weekly, fortnightly or ad hoc. I offer different services to meet different needs, please refer to each individual service to understand how they differ.

How long does a coaching relationship last?

A coaching relationship can span just one session, up to working together for a year, the ball is in your court. 3 or 6month programmes are most common.

How much does coaching cost?

It varies dependent upon whether you’re an individual or a business, and how long we work together. Please get in touch, share with me what you’re looking for and I’d be happy to provide a quote.

What is the difference between coaching and other forms of support?

  • Coaching is non-advisory. You have all the answers to your challenges inside of you, it is my job to peel back the layers and draw them out. I will therefore not be giving you any advice as believe me, you don’t need it, and you probably get enough of it already. What you need is a safe space where you can share and consolidate your thoughts with somebody objective, who can then play them back to you so you can gain new ideas and perspectives and determine your own way forward.
  • Coaching is future focussed. In coaching we do not delve into the past to explore what has caused you to act/believe/think the way you do. We instead focus on the change you want to see, helping you unlocking new thinking and remove barriers so you can create a new future.
  • Coaching is for the motivated. It is a way of accelerating your ambitions, not a quick fix. This means that to get the results you want to see you need to be motivated, determined and take responsibility for taking action.

Curious to explore working together?