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My Story

I’ve always believed that each of us has a specific purpose in this world and that our quest is to discover what we can uniquely do to make it a better place.

My passion and skill lies in business and in helping it play a positive role in our societies. Whilst studying economics and business at university, I set up my first business with friends, making homemade beeswax candles in support of the Save The Bees campaign. After graduating, I was inspired to join Mars Inc. due to their principled approach to business and their drive to create a better world for tomorrow, and was accepted onto their prestigious Leadership Development Program. Here my career spanned purchasing and sales before I chose to specialise in marketing, where I led the Maltesers innovation team, was head of marketing for Mars Ice Cream and launched a multimillion pound brand propelling Mars into the healthy snacking arena.

I knew though that I eventually wanted to work for myself. So after several great years at Mars, I decided to ‘down-size’ and join a startup.

I joined award-winning, British startup Wheyhey to lead the marketing team through a period of scaling up following significant VC investment. Here I honed my undertsanding of just what it takes to run a successful business and discovered the challenges that startups face and how to overcome them. This invaluable experience led me, at the start of this year, to realise that the time was right to set up my own business.

My intention is to combine the knowledge and experience I have in business, with my skills in coaching to help create a new wave of mission-led businesses that are out to make the world a better place. How? Through equipping those with inspired ideas with the tools and belief that they need to turn those ideas into thriving businesses.

The smallest ideas how the power to change the world. And never have we needed to change the world more than we do now. We’re not short of ideas, we’re having better ideas now than we’ve ever had.

But an idea can’t change the world if it stays just that, an idea. I want to help people have the confidence and skills to turn good ideas into businesses, and businesses into forces for good.


Personal Performance Coaching Diploma, Distinction, The Coaching Academy

Certified NLP Practitioner, The Coaching Academy

Certified DiSC Personal & Team Profile Administrator, The Coaching Academy

Member of The International Coaching Federation

7 years of sales and marketing leadership experience

Graduate of The Mars Inc. Leadership Development Program

Alumni of The Marketing Society’s One’s to Watch Program

Founder and Director of Katie Newman Coaching Ltd.

Founder of The Change Stirrers’ Club

BA(hons) in Economics and Business

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