Purpose-led leaders

The right support

Being a purpose-led leader is exciting. You’re on a mission, you’re driven by creating change, you excite others around you and inspire them to achieve.

But it’s not always easy. Being purpose-led doesn’t mean that all the challenges of running a business suddenly go away. You may view them in a different light but they’re still there.

And you still need support.

You deserve the best support because if you succeed, the world will become a better place.

I want to help you do that.

“Katie was amazing. She has a real knack to personalise the coaching programme for the individual. I feel ready body and soul for 2020 thanks to her coaching. I would recommend Katie to anyone. You will never be disappointed.”


~Nisanka, Anxiety and Recovery Coach

Creating clarity, confidence and courage

I coach purpose-led leaders who are looking for a thought partner. Someone who can provide them with accountability, focus, challenge, a different perspective, a good listening ear and the space to process their thinking.

We work together in a number of areas:

– Establishing bold, long term goals and translating them into short term action plans

– Working through challenges, unlocking new thinking and finding creative solutions

– Developing their leadership, self-awareness and self-belief

– Pausing, reflecting and learning when things don’t go to plan

And of course throughout all of this, ensuring that you stay true to your purpose and the change you want to make.

“Katie is great at listening and can help you to gain a new perspective on the challenges that work and life throw at you. Allowing you to deal with them in the best way possible and focus on what matters most.”


~Phil, MD Loxone UK

How it works

We pick up the phone, have a chat to get to know each other and understand what you’re looking for, and then craft a programme that gives you the support you need.

Here are some common reasons why my clients seek out support.

– “I’m stuck on one particular challenge and I just need to talk it out and create some clarity.”

– “I’m so engrossed in the day to day that I can’t think longer term, I need to step back so I can see the bigger picture.”

– “We have big plans and we need to set some big-ass goals to achieve them. I need some help figuring out what they should be and then sticking to them.”

– “So much has happened over the last 6months I’ve not had the chance to reflect on it. I want to take stock of where we are and what I’ve learnt.”

Whether it’s a 60minute one-off call, or a 6month programme, we’ll work together to figure out what’s the best way to give you the support you’re looking for.

If you’re interested in exploring how we could work together, please get in touch.

“Katie is very natural, friendly and supportive and I would recommend her to anyone looking to achieve their goals. She added significant value through listening, drawing synergies and helping me unscramble my busy mind. I will definitely consider further coaching in the future.”

~Sabrina, Logistics Manager Mars Inc.

interested in exploring working together?