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Strategy house

If you’re taking this time to think about the longer term direction of your business, it might be good for you to revisit your strategy. Or if you’ve never made one, a good time to start.

This is my simple template for capturing your strategy on 1 page. It’s called a house strategy as, guess what, it’s designed to look like a house! On the download I give you explanations as to what goes into each part.

If you know your vision, mission, long term goals etc. already, then this will be a handy way for you to visualise them and keep them front of mind.

If you’ve never thought through these things before, this will be a good guide to what you should be considering. If you want some support working this through, then please get in touch.


(This is a powerpoint template to enable you to populate it. If downloading on a mobile, check the download folder in your files app)

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