The Accelerate Programme

Accelerate their business

Is your business looking to support changemakers? Maybe you’re a co-working space for social action businesses, an incubator for green startups or an investor in ethical businesses.

This is a powerful support programme that propels your changemakers’ businesses forward and accelerates their achievements.

Through a mixture of personal development and business coaching, this three month programme acts as a launch pad for any business who has the potential for great things.

“We would highly recommend Katie to anyone.  She designed and provided a tailored coaching programme for our incubator programme, spARK, catering for a broad group of individuals who were at different stages in their development.
Not only did she provide an exceptional framework & expertise, we were profoundly taken aback by the community spirit she nurtured in the group and incredibly impressed with the energy & enthusiasm she brought. We had such great feedback from everyone, and were so encouraged by the confidence developed in the group by the end of the programme.
Thanks so much Katie!”

~Nick Johnson, Founder- Ark coworking

“I’ve attended many group sessions before but Katie’s session sets her apart from any previous experiences.”

~Ben Martin, Southern Softflow


The 3month Accelerate Programme

Month 1: Creating the Future

This month focusses on exploring participants’ purpose and what change they’re trying to make, creating powerful visions for the world they want to create, and creating powerful LT and ST goals that will get them there.

Month 2: Unlocking their potential

This month focusses on participants’ mindsets. We tackle the behaviours, habits and beliefs that are holding them back and replace them with new, empowering beliefs whilst fuelling their self-belief, confidence and determination.

Month 3: Crafting their business

This month deep dives into participants’ businesses using strategic analysis tools to explore which areas are thriving, which require more focus, where the challenges are and create 90day action plans to overcome them.

Each month consists of a group workshop and one to one coaching with each business.

“The coaching programme exceeded my expectations. It was so much FUN and I got so much out of it!
It made me think about what I really want to achieve, create and build in my business, and it made me much more confident and gave me more self-esteem. 
Katie was amazing. She made things feel exciting and realistic. Through her group coaching sessions, and the continuous support in-between, I have hit the ground running.

~Melissa Fry, Founder- Engage Here

“I have really enjoyed this session, and having completed the workshop I now feel invigorated yet calmer. Following this I am going to carry out the actions I’ve decided upon and continue to use these methods to work through other challenges.”

~Workshop participant, Paris Smith LLP

Bespoke Programmes

As well as the 3month Accelerate Programme, I also design bespoke programmes which can be crafted to meet the needs of the participants.

These bespoke programmes focus on areas such as: Goal setting, strategy, creating roadmaps, discerning purpose, vision & mission, leadership, culture, teamwork, mindset, confidence, DiSC profiling, values, creative thinking.

My programmes draw on my skills as a professional coach & NLP practitioner, and my knowledge and experience from my career in marketing, strategy and leadership.

Please drop me an email and we can have a chat about the type of support you’re looking to provide, and how I may be able to help you.

“I feel very lucky to have taken part in this impressive programme. It’s been jam packed with practical, useful techniques and I’ve come away from each session, feeling energised, challenged and motivated.
I’ve expanded my toolkit of fun and fresh approaches to areas of the business such as strategy and business planning and how to make progress with projects that are important but may initially seem overwhelming or unappealing.
Thanks Katie for your positivity, warmth and calm – and for being a brilliant listener!”

~Natasha Berg, Co-Director Theatre Troupe

“I can honestly say that this has had a hugely positive impact on my thinking. Katie has a talent. If you want to invest in yourself and your employees, I would definitely recommend Katie.”


~Grace Kerr, David Lloyd

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