The Change Stirrers’ Club

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The Change Stirrers’ Club is for entrepreneurs, social enterprises, startup founders, small business owners and freelancers who want to use their business to make the world a better place.

It is designed to bring transformational business coaching to those who want their business to be a force for good.

We welcome anyone who feels that this is them, whether they’re trading ethically or sustainably, putting people at the heart of their business, t trying to tackle societal or environmental challenges, or are supporting their local community.

“The workshop helped me to discover achievable solutions and put them into practice. I left feeling motivated and positive and I would recommend The Change Stirrers’ Club to anybody with a small business.”

~Suzannah Key, Suzannah Key Jewellery

What happens?

The Change Stirrers’ Club meets once a month online to focus on different business topics such as strategy, work/life integration, attracting clients and leadership.

We do this because we want these businesses to succeed. Because when they win, the world becomes a better place.

We believe that through surrounding ourselves with like minded people, creating a powerful support network and accessing powerful business/personal coaching, we can create powerful businesses that do good and feel good.

This is a fun, action-orientated and supportive group that has an open door policy to anyone who feels that they match the description.

There is no subscription and you are welcome to attend as frequently as suits you.

“I found it really valuable to network, have support and be provided with coaching tools. At the end I felt energised and driven! The session will help me to be more focussed when working on my business and to create manageable step to my goals. Thank you!”

~Lara Calus, Free.The Brand

The Change Stirrers’ Club is having a holiday!

We won’t be on in June but we’ll be back soon. 

Until then stay safe and well!

Our next event

What: Building a positive mindset

A positive mindset is NOT blindly assuming that everything will always be great and having to be cheery and smiley all the time.

But it IS realising that you have choice and can take control of your own destiny, looking for the best in situations and focusing your attention on the positives.

Having a positive mindset isn’t just a fluffy nice to have. It’s a business essential for anyone who is running a business, especially those who are striving to make a difference in the world.

JOIN US for this workshop where we will discover how to foster a poweful, positive mental attitude and consequently take control of our lives and businesses.

When: Thursday 7th May, 08.00AM- 09.00AM

Where: We’ve currently moved our meetings online to a group video zoom call.

Tickets: Free! Get your ticket here.

“I would 100% recommend others to join The Change Stirrers’ Club. I left feeling refreshed and happy, and I’m going to plan in more moments to reflect from now on.”

~Shaun Brogan, Begreen Cleaning

interested in one to one coaching?

“Working with Katie was brilliant!  Katie helps you to think big picture as well as challenging you on the details/steps to put in place to be able to achieve your goals. I would highly recommend investing in yourself through time with Katie!”


~Juliet, Founder Rudy & Ray

“After our coaching I felt lighter, brighter, braver, and bolder. I had great perspective on my strengths, my self-belief and confidence were fully fuelled leaving me feeling ready for anything. I felt realistic about what is possible and why, empowered to be in control of myself and not let the impact of others control me. Massive thank you, the session reminded me of what I am capable of and what else is possible!”


~Clare, Sales Leader at Mars Inc.