The Transform Programme

"Working with Katie was brilliant! Katie helps you to think big picture as well as challenging you on the details/steps to put in place to be able to achieve your goals. I would highly recommend investing in yourself through time with Katie!" Juliet Facey, Future entrepreneur

The Programme

Module 1: Discover your purpose & unstoppable mission

Understand your why, get crystal clear on your purpose, develop your unstoppable mission and future vision, supercharge your motivation and learn how to create powerful goals.

Module 2: Understand yourself

Build your self awareness, resilience and personal motivation through undertaking a DiSC® personal assessment and a values elicitation. Learn what’s important to you, what motivates you, what causes you stress, how you respond in situations of conflict, how you communicate, work in a team, lead and solve problems, as well as your leadership style.

Module 3: Build your winning mindset

Remove your fears, doubts, self sabotage and imposter syndrome as we develop your winning mindset, confidence and self-belief. Learn how to creatively problem solve, how to remove overwhelm and how to build a strong positive mental attitude.

Module 4: Craft your proposition

Analyse and hone your business/idea by clearly defining your ideal customer, their challenges and desires, your unique solution and how to communicate it.

Module 5: Design your delivery

Design how you will take your product/service to market and deliver on your mission- considering your marketing mix, your competition, the market and how you want to work.

Module 6: Create your roadmap & action plan

Breaking down your business to define your key milestones and establish your long-term roadmap. Create a motivating 90day action plan and effective success trackers to ensure you start and keep moving your business forwards.

The Transform Programme
"I have really enjoyed being coached by Katie. I would not hesitate to recommend her as a coach." Rachel Boswell, Stress & anxiety coach

Designed with you in mind

This programme is designed for those who are either thinking of setting up a business or are still in their first year of trading.

Over 6 months it will transform both you and your business, enabling you to build the foundations of a powerful, impactful and sustainable business that will be a joy to run.

"Katie's coaching left me feeling energised and motivated. She is incredibly skilful in her questions, never making me feel intimidated or worried yet was able to draw things out and help me reach decisions. I'd highly recommend Katie to anyone." Nicola Webster, N J Webster Consulting

How it works

The programme consists of 12 x 90minute sessions: 2 each module, which can either be face to face, on the phone or via video call.

Typically the programme runs over 6months, one module per month, but timings can be flexed dependent upon your circumstances.

Each session will be focussed on that module’s theme and will be a mixture of structured exercises and open-ended coaching, allowing you to both explore new ideas and focus on specific challenges you have encountered whilst working on your business.

The programme also includes 2x 45minute review sessions and unlimited email/whatsapp support in between sessions.

This is a HIGH COMMITMENT, HIGH IMPACT programme. It is only for those who are serious about taking their business to the next level and have the commitment and motivation to see it through.

If that is you, and you feel ready, then let’s chat.