Trick #1: Start counting chimney pots

 In 20tricks for 2020
So as promised here is #1 of my industry secret tricks that will help you & your business prosper in 2020
Trick #1: Start counting chimney pots.

Err what now??

Yep. That’s correct. Start counting as many chimney pots as you can & I’m telling you that by next Friday you will be in a better mood than when you started.

I know. It sounds mental. But trust me, there’s science in this madness.

Counting chimney pots make you look UP. That’s it. That simple.

And looking up does wonders for our posture & therefore our mindset.

Notice how you’re sitting right now.. hunched over a screen, looking downwards, shoulders slouched forwards. How many hours a day is this you?

Now take a moment, & look up. Not just a glance but properly up, to the sky & notice what happens to your body. Your shoulders roll back, your chin lifts up, your chest puffs out.

This ‘open’ body language it what we naturally do when we’re feeling happy, confident, upbeat.

By looking up you’re simply reversing this process- creating the body language of being positive to influence your mind into feeling positive. It works both ways!

And we know that the more positive we are, the more creative, energetic & motivated we are as humans & therefore business people.

Want to make a small difference that will have a big impact on your mood & therefore your approach to business next week? Take some time out to stop staring at your screen & start counting some chimney pots.

Let me know how many you spot.

Katie N

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