Trick #2: Relax your tongue

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I know, weird. Again. But trust me, this is a gamechanger.

Ever have that annoying inner voice kick in just when you don’t want it to? Eg just before a big important meeting?

Mine goes a bit like this:
“Oh really, you’re going to do that?”
“Remember what happened last time, when you embarrassed yourself?”
“Shouldn’t you do something a bit easier?”

I’ve named him Goyle. And he can be a right pain in the bum.

And there are things (like NLP) that we can do to get rid of these ‘stories’ that we tell ourselves & change the narrative more permanently, but sometimes you just need a quick fix.

That’s where relaxing your tongue comes in.

When we talk to ourselves, our tongue tenses up in our mouths & makes hundreds of tiny micro movements to ‘say’ the words of our inner voice.

By focussing on relaxing your tongue when the voice kicks in… letting it go limp, opening your mouth slightly, breathing out… you’ll find that the voice goes off like a light.

Try it. And let me know what your inner voice is called & how you’ve managed to shut them down with this simple trick.

Katie N

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