Trick #4: Celebrate the no’s

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I’m currently playing a game.

It’s very simple, and if you play, you & your business will never be the same again, but to play you’ve got to have courage.

The game is to get REJECTED 20 TIMES in the next 2 weeks.

Want to join in??

I know right, terrifying.

We all hate rejection. It feels personal, it feels embarrassing, it knocks our confidence.

But to run successful businesses & get lots of yeses, we’re going to have to learn to love the nos too.

Because getting a ‘no’ shows us we dared to step outside of our comfort zone in pursuit of new & greater things. It shows us we’ve raised our bar.

Because a ‘no’ is data, it provides feedback on what we can improve, enabling us to learn & be more likely to get a yes next time.

And what will amaze you, if you dare to play this game, is that it’s actually harder to get rejected than you think.

By tasking yourself to go out and win business by having conversations that our fear of rejection usually stops us from having, you will be gobsmacked at how many people actually say YES.

I’m halfway through. My tally so far, 8 nos: 2 yeses.

Guess this is one game I don’t mind losing so much.

Katie N

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