Coaching is a joint venture in which we work together to turn your big, inspiring, world-changing dreams into a reality.

In this venture, we work on:

Vision: We identify where you want to go and why you want to go there. We ensure you have complete clarity on the purpose of your business and have a clear vision of the future you want to create.

Mindset: We re-energise your mindset: ensuring that you have the focus, motivation and self-belief to dream bigger and achieve more.

Business Analysis: We analyse your current business situation to identify the major dominos in your business that are causing blockages and stopping your succeeding. We then work on them so you can topple them for good.

Strategy: We create a powerful strategy designed to deliver the business you’re dreaming of in a sustainable, impactful and enjoyable way.

Action: We craft action plans for you to follow that will kick start you moving in the right direction.


As well as a coach, I am a Neuro Linguistic Practitioner (NLP).

NLP is the practice of helping you become an excellent communicator, both with yourself and with others. I interweave these skills in with my coaching in order to create a deeper, more lasting impact that will continue to resonate in you long after we’ve finished working together.

Communicating with yourself: NLP enables you to change how you think and subsequently change your unhelpful beliefs, behaviours, thoughts and emotions that stop you achieving your full potential.

NLP hands you back control, enabling you to choose how you respond to different situations, rather than just following your same old patterns of behaviour.

Communicating with others: NLP helps you understand how you are communicating with other people and the impact you are having on them.

NLP can help you increase your: Impact, empathy, influence, confidence, motivation, persuasiveness, ability to build rapport & understanding of others and their motivations

My approach

Support. Challenge. Fun.

Support:  I create a safe environment, confidential and free from judgement where you feel able to be your most open and honest self.  I listen very well, so that you feel not only heard but also understood. You will never feel alone throughout this process, I will always be at your side to remind you of your strengths and capabilities when you’ve lost sight of them, and to help you tap back into your motivation.

Challenge: My job is to help you uncover your blind spots and so you can become the best you can be. To do this, with your permission, I will challenge you to be bolder, try different things, hold yourself to a higher standard and remain true to who you are and your mission.

Fun: I really enjoy what I do and I want my clients to enjoy what they do too. It is through enjoying the journey and having fun along the way, that we learn to laugh at ourselves and learn from our mistakes. We develop a positive mindset, looking for the blessings and opportunities in all that’s thrown our way. We become more human and more open, drawing others too us and bringing out the best in them too.