The power of workshops

There’s something quite unique about getting together a group of like minded people who are all passionate about changing the world.

The energy in the room is electric, the air is filled with anticipation, there’s an atmosphere of courage, and there’s a real sense of belief.

Belief that collectively we can make a difference.

If you’re interested in growing your mission-led business whilst working alongside like minded individuals, then you’re in the right place.

Group coaching offers a unique experience for participants, giving them the chance to collaborate, network and learn from others, whilst being coached themselves.

If you are a business looking to support mission-led businesses, coaching workshops provide you with a cost effective way to increase your reach and support more businesses at once.

Workshop programmes

I deliver workshops in 4 different ways.

  1. I’m the founder of The Change Stirrers’ Club. A Winchester based club on a mission to bring transformational and affordable business coaching to businesses who are making a difference in the world. Join our FB group here.
  2. I run business development programmes for mission-led businesses, on behalf of companies who are out to support them e.g. ethical investment groups, co-working spaces, accelerator programmes.
  3. I help ethical service providers create added value for their customers, through delivering business skills workshops to their clients in areas which are complimentary to the services they provide e.g. ethical banks, marketing and creative agencies, accountancy firms.
  4. I run internal development programmes for the staff of ethical businesses, supporting their wellness and development objectives.

My offering

I am an experienced presenter and facilitator having designed and delivered many varied talks and workshops over my career, both for in house training and at industry events.

My time is spent working with companies who are out to do good in the world through the power of their businesses. I have a wealth of business experience in marketing, sales, strategy and planning, and from leading teams for both large international corporations and small British startups. I am also highly skilled at working with people, having professionally trained with The Coaching Academy and holding a diploma with distinction in coaching and NLP practitioner status.

My passion lies in supporting people who are out to create positive change in the world and enabling them to dream bigger and achieve more.

My workshop delivery style is engaging, interactive and thought provoking and you will leave one of my sessions feeling empowered, energised and ready to do things differently.

Get in touch to discuss what would work for you.


“Katie was very easy to talk to and a real people person. As a result of the workshop I will now think more about my future and feel that the choices I have are real.”

“The workshop was really enjoyable and it made me think about things differently. I’m now feeling positive and and am going to put things into action.”

“Thanks to the workshop I feel liberated to think that I have options and I am not stuck. I’m now going to take stock and think about myself and my plans more.”